Zoe & Dalton Mountain Engagements | Utah Wedding PhotographerSometimes love takes a little time.

A few months ago I had the privilege of photographing Ethan & Allie’s winter wedding, and now this summer I get the honor of shooting the wedding of Ethan’s twin brother, Dalton, and his darling fiancé, Zoe. Both couples became items in high school, their relationship spanning several years both together and apart as all four of them served LDS missions. But Dalton & Zoe’s story is a bit closer to your modern romantic comedy than others.

Scene 1: The Meet Cute

Zoe met Dalton during their sophomore year, and the attraction was mutual and quick. They were a bit young to be officially dating, so they hung out a with their mutual friends and began a friendship.

Scene 2: The Conflict (aka the ‘I Hate This Person!’)

Fast forward to the time of differing objectives and misunderstandings; that’s how the conflict always starts in rom-coms, isn’t it? Dalton made the high school soccer team and his field of friends shifted, as well as Zoe’s. Their attitudes shifted too, and as it happens the two came to really dislike each other… actually, “despise” is the word they used as they told me their story. “I thought he was a real jerk,” Zoe said.

Scene 3: The Magnetic Pull/The Humble Pie

But as is often the case for the stars of the show, they couldn’t argue with the pull they felt and the charming effects of each other. Soon they realized their feelings and put aside their past perceptions. Their senior year of high school they were unofficially official, and went steady up until their missions. It was a long 2.5 years apart, but when they returned home things rekindled beautifully.

Scene 4: The Happily Ever After

A few short months later, Dalton officially proposed and the two began a new chapter. It is such a joy to share this part of their story with you! For their engagement session, we went up near Mountain Dell Reservoir. It poured all day, but we had a few spots of sunshine coming through the clouds, and the distant mountains were still spotted with snow and mist. Of course the best part about this session was the chemistry; just look at these lovebirds!! The whole session was a non-stop giggle-fest, just the way I like them! You can really feel their love and effortless connection, and how excited they are to be together forever!