Morris Baby – Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

When Nicole asked me to take some photos of her newborn I was beyond thrilled, not only because she’s gorgeous and was certain to make a beautiful baby, but because she wanted an in-home lifestyle session (my favorite) in her adorable apartment.  I’ve admired Nicole’s style and creativity for years; she is an art major and a talented artist, her pieces covering the walls and shelves of her home.  It was such a warm and creative place to walk into, not to mention the splendid company from herself, her husband Alex, and their handsome little man.

Not only was Baby Morris adorable – which temporarily satisfied my current baby hunger – he was wide awake and interested throughout the whole session, which is pretty rare, those little babes love their sleep at that age.

Nicole is a radiant mother.  I loved watching her hold her son, just entranced by him and his tiny, perfect details.

Does anyone else think that Nicole should start an interior design business, or perhaps a DIY blog?  I seriously can’t get over how much personality she has in her home!  And I’m crushing hard on that gold origami metal crane.

  • Kristina said:

    So precious and perfect! I LOVE each one of these! You are so talented! my favorite is where the dad's holding the babe, but all you can really see is the sweet baby smiling! :) LOVE IT!

  • Keala said:

    Beyond precious!! Love how you captured their beautiful little home & baby!!

  • jen said:

    What a little sweetheart! And I love their house! Great session!

  • Syna said:

    I'm obsessed with that painting above the couch. I love her style what a cute apartment! And of course the baby is just precious. These are so great!

  • Jessica said:

    These are perfect! You captured all the details so perfectly and what a gorgeous baby!

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