McKahl & Mitch Winter Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographer

I’ll admit, after a lot of inclement weather leading up to this winter bridal shoot I was struggling to feel my usual love for Utah and its unpredictable winters, but after this session, I’ll never want to reschedule a session due to predicted snow again — it was pure magic.  Cold as flip, but magic!  Luckily McKahl & Mitch are super adventurous, wanted snow, and didn’t care if their clothes got wet or if their hair got messed up.  This was a formal session where I walked away with 4 or 5 of new “all-time favorite” shots.

Dress: Bridal Brilliance
Hair/Makeup Artist: Nicolette Paige
Florals: Bart Green

McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0001McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0002McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0003McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0004McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0005McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0006McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0007McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0008McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0009McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0010McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0011McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0012McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0013McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0014McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0015McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0016McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0018McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0020McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0021McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0022McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0023McKahl & Mitch Bridals_0025

  • Bryan M said:

    Love the clean look of your work! Randomly found you when looking up VSCO vs. Mastin Labs. I'm trying to do more engagement and wedding work and was curious about post processing workflow. Do you still use VSCO or are you all into Mastin now?

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