Braelynn Bridal Boudoir | Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

It has been a long wait to share this session, I love it so much but of course I needed to wait until after the lovely couple’s wedding to share, since the bride gave her printed boudoir photos to her fiancé as her wedding present!  He loved them, by the way.

Braelynn was one of the ladies who reached out to me back in January when I was building my fine art boudoir portfolio.  From her first email I was dying to work with her!  Here’s just a snippet of what she sent me:

“Without even having met you, you’ve already made me feel comfortable. I love the words you used in your post, ‘I love the idea of being able to empower women and show them how beautiful they are, while maintaing a sense of class, romance, and femininity.’ This hit home for me. I would absolutely love the opportunity to do a fine art boudoir session with you. Thank you for making what you do, something that uplifts and restores the beauty that woman feel in themselves. I appreciate that so much.”

Brae is a gorgeous woman, inside and out.  She and her now-husband live life vibrantly, traveling together and having many adventures.  Brae has family down in Mexico, so of course they had to have their wedding in CABO!!  So jealous, I’m stalking her beautiful wedding photos on Instagram and Facebook, it looks like it was an incredible and utterly romantic, beachside event; very fitting for such a couple!

Florals & Vine Backdrop: Amber Reverie
Hair & Makeup: Briana’s Addiction
Veil: Gateway Bridal

Not only does Brae have amazing taste in lovely lingerie, but she also wanted to incorporate some important keepsakes that represent her relationship with Cody.  You’ll notice the beautiful postcards on the wall from their travels, as well as the letter her man wrote, telling her how much she means to him and asking her to marry him.  These precious details and the amount of thought that the bride put into her session made it one of my favorites of all time.

She was just beaming as she re-read the letter from Cody; I personally haven’t met him, but I can truly tell how madly in love she is, so he must be pretty special.

  • shailynn said:

    These are so beautiful! Love the candles and that last shot is amaze!!

  • Keala said:

    Oh my goodness! These are so beautiful!! Love how classic they are!

  • Kylee said:

    Wow these are so so so stunning. I love the florals and that ring shot is amazing!!!

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