Tannya & Tai Wedding Photos At The Bonneville Salt Flats Kathryn Bruns Photography

Can you guess what my favorite part about shooting at the Bonneville Salt Flats is? Here’s a hint: it’s not the terrain or the perfect sunsets.

While the landscape is obviously gorgeous, I would say that my favorite thing is the 2 hour and 15 minutes drive to the location. Seriously! That’s two hours of time with the couple before the shoot. I loved getting to know Tannya and Tai during those two hours before their session, and then of course by the two hour drive back it’s like we’re good friends!

Tannya and Tai are from the beautiful country of Singapore! They love to travel, and told us (my assistant Sarah & I) about many of the wonderful places they’ve visited, some of which I had never even heard of before. Tannya is a foodie, and we talked on and on about restaurants they needed to try while they were in town. A pleasant surprise for them was the delicious Utah-born delicacy, fry sauce. Seriously if you don’t know what fry sauce is, you need to try it. I could drink the stuff.

This was Tai’s first visit to the States. The couple road tripped from Southern California to Utah, checking off their bucket list adventure spots on their way. After their session and enjoying some local cuisine they traveled back up to San Francisco before returning home. This couple’s energy and love for life was infectious. I’m truly inspired by their drive to go out hand in hand and see the world!

While we had originally intended this to be an engagement session, Tannya happened to have a wedding dress with her that was too lovely to pass up. Thanks to Marisa Rose for Tannya’s beautiful hair and makeup, and to Willow Specialty Florist for the bouquet that they whipped up with just a few hours notice. The silk ribbons are from the lovely Tono & Co.


Jenna & Michael Windswept Couple’s Session | Utah Wedding PhotographerSeaside Engagement Photos

This windswept couple’s session is to this day one of my favorites. I was honored to document Jenna & Michael’s wedding several months before, so I know what an adventurous couple they are. Not to mention their truly palpable chemistry. We were “threatened” by 60+ mph winds for this shoot, but we decided to embrace the chaos. Antelope Island offers a wide variety of incredible landscapes, with the wind creating literal waves on the lake. That’s one of the most magnificent things about Utah. There are so many environments to experience, yet they can easily feel like far away destinations.

The first half of this session felt like we were walking down a rocky beach in Northern California or Oregon. Next I felt transported to the rolling hills of Ireland. Side note, it’s probably not the best idea to climb up the side of a mountain in a windstorm. I was literally blown over. Luckily Jenna & Michael had each other to hold onto. I love the unbridled laughter they shared together, as well as the peaceful moments. I’ll be working with these lovers again soon and, I hope, often.



Kenzie & Jake | Late Summer In The Mountains

Kenzie and Jake have spent the majority of their courtship long-distance. Now, they are just a few months into marriage and never need to part again! Jake is a rather talented videographer, and Kenzie will be finishing school this year. A couple after my own heart, they like staying at home together, watching movies, and ordering takeout from the local gourmet chocolate chip cookie shop.

This time of the year may be my favorite for shooting in the Utah mountains. There is still a lot of lush green landscape, but as some plants have begun to change and autumn approaches, the land is lightly brushed with earthy gold tones. Each season seems to have its own unique nuances with golden hour, late summer being a favorite. Pair those elements with beautiful, snuggly newlyweds and you have the makings of magic.

Emeli & Ben Seaside Engagement Session | Land’s End, San Francisco, CaliforniaKathryn Bruns Photography | Utah Wedding Photographer

I am excited beyond words to finally share the photos from this truly incredible couple with you! Emeli & Ben had the most wonderful, intimate wedding I’ve had the honor to photograph thus far. While the couple hails from Pasadena, they chose the breathtaking and exciting city of San Francisco for their wedding. Even though they sent out their wedding invitations weeks in advance, the couple wanted to do an “engagement” session the day before on the beautiful coastline.

This was my first trip to the Bay Area, and it was mesmerizing! I fell in love with the eclectic buildings with their random paint palettes, the palm trees spread intermittently on rooftops, the rocky beaches with seals sunbathing on nearby rocks, and the oysters that melted in my mouth like butter. Of course I know I only experienced a small fraction of all that this awesome city boasts, so I’ll have to fix that with a return trip!

Not only are Emeli & Ben incredibly sweet and caring with one another, they are also adventurous and up for anything! We hiked around Land’s End and ended our all-film session at the beach near the Sutro Baths. And anytime a couple is willing to run into the ocean for some rad photos, they’re the people for me! They immediately felt like close friends, and I cannot wait to share their stunning Golden Gate Park wedding with you very soon!

Welcome To Kathryn Bruns Photography | Utah Wedding PhotographerFormerly A Twist of Lemon Photography

Hello! I am so excited to finally announce that A Twist of Lemon Photography is now Kathryn Bruns Photography. Frankly, this change has been a long time coming, but it’s certainly not without a little sadness that I make this change. I thought today that I would share a bit of my story and how I got to this point in my business.

Stunning new logo by Annie from The Wells Makery


In the beginning…

I always say that I started doing photography the “wrong way”; or at least, not in an ideal way. Basically it was the classic “Utah Mom” story, the one where I think to myself, “I’ve always liked photography, this could be something that I could do on the side of being a mom, I get to set my own hours and maybe make a little bit of spending money. Plus I could take my own photos of my kids!”

The idea was simple enough, and I truly have always had an interest in photography, from mini photoshoots with my friends in high school to “macro” photography with a point and shoot camera. Six months into our marriage, my sweet husband used his tax return money to buy me a starter camera and lens from Best Buy. It served me well, and for the first few months Auto mode and chimping were my best friends. I did a lot of shoots for free, asking friends and coworkers if I could take their photos to practice.

In all honesty, I can — and probably will — do an entire blog post about how one could start off in photography far better and more effectively than the way that I did it. Of course I learned a ton doing it that way, which I’ll now simply call, “the slow way.” I began my “photography business” in early 2012, not having any idea what it really meant to own a business, or the legalities involved, or what branding was, or what a target client was or how to market to them. Now after 5 years of learning and growth and failure and success, this has turned into something far beyond what I would have guessed it could be.

The names…

So first thing I thought I needed, after a camera, was a business name. My husband is half Hawaiian, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. While I admittedly knew very little about Hawaiian culture, I wanted to use Hawaiian words for my business name. After all, it felt like everybody and their sister used their own name for their photography business, so I wanted to stand out. With that thinking in mind, I landed on “Aka Mau Loa Photography”, which I thought roughly translated to “laughter and love”. But I just entered it into Google translate and it came up as “But Ever Photography”, so let’s not even talk about this part. The name lasted just over a month or two, as people didn’t know how to pronounce it (admittedly neither did I!) and it was a bit of a mouthful. On we go to business name #2!

Thus, A Twist of Lemon Photography was born! Still rather a mouthful, but I wanted something that reflected bright, vibrant colors and flavor and freshness. I’ve always loved lemons, and personally associate them with freshness and flavor, like a cool glass of fresh lemonade on a summer night. With the name came a slew of various logos over the course of almost 5 years, most of which were DIY versions since I didn’t realize what a difference hiring a professional for my logo would make. I did have two lovely logos from brand designers, and those made a huge difference in my brand.

New horizons…

But… I’ve reached the point in my photography where I’d like to create with my clients things that are simple, timeless, and meaningful. It feels like it’s time to start fresh, now with the understanding that I have about both technical and artistic aspects of photography. While I genuinely feel sad to leave behind a name that has served me so well for over 5 years, I’m excited to have finally entered the place that I didn’t know my business could ever be. I know so much more about business, about customer service, about quality and creating an exceptional experience. I’m learning how to infuse real passion into my work, and creating with my clients so that their photos are personal to them. I now have a vision of where I want this business to go, and strategies to get there. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a learning process, and I won’t be getting too comfortable. Photography has taught me about growth and pushing your own boundaries to reach new places and exciting things.

With the help, love, and support from my family, friends, and seriously some of the best clients on earth, I can’t wait to see where else this business takes me. To all those who have given me opportunities, believed in me, and trusted me with some of your most important memories, thank you for your part in this journey.  Not to mention those who took me under their wing, letting me second shoot real weddings or inspiration shoots or answering questions. I am so grateful for each of you. I would not be here without you.