Boho Beach Family Session

Oh this shoot was good, sooo good.  Malae and I are in a photography group, and it just so happens that she was looking for family pictures around the same time I was, not to mention that our daughters are about 3 months apart in age.

So the day came for us to take the her family’s pictures when an hour before their shoot it starts pouring rain at my house (about 30 minutes away from our shoot location), with strong wind and thunder.  Of course we thought we’d have to reschedule, but we both had a feeling to go anyway as the storm seemed to be passing quickly.

We were rewarded with a gorgeous sky and a tepid breeze, the literal calm after the storm.  With perfectly filtered light this shoot was incredible from beginning to end, minus the evil demon fly that attacked and followed me while I ungracefully swatted at it and threw my reflector disc.  It wasn’t pretty.

We started at the marina for a few formal shots.  Malae’s vision for this shoot was boho-themed, with her and her adorable daughter wearing lovely floral headbands with soft, airy dresses on the beach.  Adding her vision to my own of a lifestyle and fine art session, and we get this.  We squeezed in a few shots of just Malae at the end of our light and the results were enchanting.

Can you even imagine if we had decided not to go because of the storm?  We couldn’t have created a better scenario for this beach session!

  • Sarah Wight said:

    Wow, these are gorgeous! You really captured the feeling of that evening for them :)

    • Kathryn Bruns said:

      Thanks Sarah! Malae did all the styling, it worked out lovely.

    • Kathryn Bruns said:

      Thank you Sarah! Malae did all the styling, it turned out really well.

  • Braxton Wilhelmsen said:

    I really like the ones where the guy is in a suit. It looks very intentional.

  • Tara Carter Winsor said:

    LOVE these! They are soooooo gorgeous!

  • Alyona Shubina said:

    IM OBSESSED!!!!!! stunning

  • Jessie Evans said:

    So fantastic!! And I love the momma's white dress SO much!

  • Pax Noyes said:

    I absolutely love Malae, you captured her and her family perfectly! These photos are insanely beautiful, good job!

  • Camilla Binks said:

    Gorgeous! Love the ones with the white dress especially! Beautiful work and gorgeous humans!

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